Camille Gavin has written two books on the Central California Indian tribe, the Yokuts.  Both books are available through Beaty Books.


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How Roadrunner Got His Spots and Other Yokuts Myths: this book explores the myths and lore of the Yokuts Indians who lived for centuries in the Southern San Joaquin Valley in Central California    Ordering information for this book is available on the Books page of this website.

This lively book retells five delightful tales in a manner that will appeal to both younger and older readers.

bullet  How Roadrunner Got His Red Spots
bullet  How Bald Eagles Made the World
bullet  How the Sierra Nevada Were Made
bullet  Coyote Rides with the Sun
bullet The Yokuts are Made

Yokuts Animals Coloring Book -- a coloring book that's fun and educational too!  It is also available through Beaty .

Each page lists the present-day word for each animal and the Yokuts name.

Christy Gavin, the author's daughter, illustrated the 32-page book. Camille Gavin supplied the brief text, which includes information about the Yokuts.

Meet the author: Camille will be a guest speaker at the at the Kern Festival of Books at 1 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 1 at the Holiday Inn Select in Bakersfield

E-mail Camille Gavin if you have any questions or comments.

Here is an interesting link for you,, for activities in Southern California, including Kern County.

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